Jailbreak iOS 13-iOS 13.6.1 With UncOver Jailbreak

UncOver jailbreak tool is the most advance and powerfull jailbreak tool that released ever.This tool currently properly working to jailbreak iOS 13 to iOS 13.6.1.So if you are one of those firmware user ,this will help you to findout your way to get release from Apple’s all software restrictions.You must be aware some facts on this jailbreak.Before you are going to read more,please use following link to download and install UncOver jailbreak app on your iPad/iPhone for free.

Where we must highlight that we are not directly affiliated with UncOver or Cydia.We are just providing tutorial guide for educational purpose only.We have provided some useful third party downloading links as well as websites.But we are not taking responsibilities about trustworthy of those linked sites or other downloading urls.

This jailbreaking tool installation differ from platform by platform.So please choose your platform and follow the instructions that we have given below.

Table of Contents

Installation Guide


  • Step 01:Please download and install AltStore on your Mac
  • Step 02:Place it on your Application foloder after unzipping
  • Step 03:Now open AltStore on your mac
  • Step 04:Now click the icon of AltStore on Menu bar and click on the Install Mail Plug-in option
  • Step 05:Open the mail app and navigate Mail>>Preferences
  • Step 06:Respectively navigate General Tab in Mail preferences>>Manage Plug-ins>>Check AltPlugin>>Restart Mail
  • Step 07:Connect your iPhone/iPad to Mac
  • Step 08:Now again AltStore in the menu bar and tap install AltStore on your iPhone/iPad
  • Step 09:Provide your Apple ID to login and click install
  • Step 10:On your device Settings>>General>>Device Management
  • Step 11:Trust AltStore
  • Step 12:Now click the downloading button above
  • Step 13:AltStore will install the application
  • Step 14:Now you can open UncOver and jailbreak


  • Step 01:Install/Use the latest iTunes on your PC
  • Step 02:Download AltStore on your PC
  • Step 03:Extract the downloaded AltStore
  • Step 04:Now right click Setup.exe and follow the instructions
  • Step 05:Serch onAltSever on Windows and open it
  • Step 06:Now select your device on AltStore after connecting with your device
  • Step 07:Provide your Apple ID and password
  • Step 08:Settings>>General>> Device Management
  • Step 09:Trust this application on your device
  • Step 10:Now tap Open In AltStore button above
  • Step 11:Now app will be installed and then jailbreak your device using UncOver

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