Cydia is a third party free app store which is compatible only with iOS running Apple devices.You can get this amazing app store on your device only with a jailbreak process.You can jailbreak your device using a jailbreak tool which is compatible with your current iOS firmware.Please seleck your iOS firmware from below and follow the guidelines that we have given.

Why you should use Cydia like App stores ?

Apple does not allow to its users use Apple devices as they wish.They have been maintaining advance & tight security.So they have imposed advance software restrictions.As a result of this users have to pay for their preferred apps and games to download from Apple app store.Users do not have access to download and install any third party free app or game without pay for undergoing Apple’s advance security procedures.Therefore such type of apps stores very important to break all your monotonous and get release from all restrictions.

Cydia provides tons of unofficial apps,games,tweaks & mods for free.You just need to jaibreak your iPhone/iPad with a compatible jailbreak tool.

What is iOS jailbreak ?

iOS jailbreak is the process that all iPhone & iPad users follow using a jailbreak tool.After following this process you can take hold your device completely breaking all hardware and software restrictions and use as you wish to used.After jailbreaking your iOS device you will be able to change your device & customize using your tweaks and download and play any game that you would like to play that previously Apple does not let you to play.

Is jailbreak Legal ?

You can un-wrap all security chains that Apple wrapped in via a proper iOS jaolbreak process.This is a perfectly legal if you are using a proper jailbreaking tool.After following this process you can do everything that Apple wouldn’t allow to do for its users wwith high security status.

Difference iOS jailbreaking methods

You can follow different iOS jailbreaking methods on your device.Jailbreak solutions are difference from one by one.Please be known all about these methods.

Untethered Jailbreak-This method doesn’t require re-jailbreak even with your device rebooting.This is a permanant iOS jailbreaking method and a litle bit hard to do this.

Thethered Jailbreak-This method requires re-jailbreak after each rebooting of your device as well as PC connection of your device also required.

Semi Tethered Jailbreak-This jailbreak method also functioning as same as Tehtered jailbreak.But your device might be stucked with rebooting after Tethered jailbreaking & re-jailbreaking.But Semi Tethered Jailbreak doesn’t like it.It will allow to your device to perform all normal functions.

Semi Untethered Jailbreak-This method also have same features and functionality as same as above two methods.But you do not need to use a PC at all.

Online Jailbreak-Online method is popular among jailbreak lovers currently.This method not required any third party devices such as PC.