Cydia is the first third party unofficial free iOS app store which is not available on Apple app store.This app store contains all jailbreak apps,Tweaks and the other entertainments that you need.All contents are exclusive & very genuine.

This application developed by Saurik(Jay Freeman).

You can get this application only undergoing with a jailbreak process of your iPhone,iPad.

If you are going to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad,you must be aware about following factors.Those are important to implement the jailbreaking process on your device.Where you must follow the instructions properly.

Prior to be known about the factors that you would be followed please touch the features of Cydia that you can be used with your iPhone/iPad for free.

Cydia Features

  • Cydia contains Tweaks and other modifications that you can change iOS
  • You have an ability to change the way that things appear with tweaks & themes
  • You can improve your current iOS features with adding new functionalities
  • You can add new functionalities with iOS tweaks
  • A massive collection of unofficial Games & Apps

How Can You Get Cydia For Free ?

The only way that you have jailbreaking your device with using a trusted jailbreak tool that compatible with your iOS version.Because jailbreaking tools have developed to compatible with each iOS version.Therefore same jailbreaking tool you can’t use for two or more different iOS firmwares.

So please find the link that you need to use on your iOS firmware via our download page.Then follow the instructions that you must follow.

Break All iOS Software Restrictions With Cydia

This is the only and direct way that you can follow to get rid from your iOS running iPhone,iPad software restrictions.Apple has been imposed very advance software restrictions on their products.These restrictions are very annoying for its users.They can’t download their most preferred apps and games from Apple app store as they wish.So if you are willing to get release from those restrictions,please follow the Jailbreaking process and use the Cydia app store.

Cydia Latest Updates

We are completey trying to keep update on Cydia and the latest Jailbreaking tools & jailbreaking methods.So we would like to invite all you guys please join with us and get the update note as soon as possible.


cydia-vip.com is only for educational purpose.This site or contains are not directly affiliated with Cydia original owner Jay Freeman (Saurik).Moreover we have given third party website or other resources links from our website that you need to use.But we have no relationship with those links and you must bare risks of using those third party links.All we have provided that you must use thisngs when you are jailbreaking your own device.So we advice you take your own risk and use this website only for your educational and tutorial purpose with protecting Cydia original owner’s rights & inheritence on Cydia.