Privacy Policy is an educational website which provides complete tutorial guides on Cydia as well as related subjects.As an educational website we are highly aware about the privacy of our Visitors and users indeed.Thus we have generated our own privacy policy guidelines according to the privacy policy protection regulations.

So we recommend on all our users and visitors to read our Privacy policy terms and conditions first and then use our website and its contents on your purpose for free.

Where we must mention that we are not Cydia developers or part of it indeed.Thus we are not directly affiliated with Cydia or its owner(Jayfreeman).All respect and ownership of Cydia must be possessed on Jayfreeman.We would like to thank for Jayfreeman for this amazing application.

Moreover we highlight that is a free educational guidance only.This website doesn’t promote any product indeed.Furthermore we are not selling any product via this website and every pies of content or other resources are 100% for free.Therefore please do not provide your sensitive data when you are referring this website such as credit card details.

Data Collection

We are not collecting any sensitive data from our users such as,

  • Credit card details.
  • Billing information.
  • Personal address.
  • Passwords.

As an educational website we are not collecting such type of data indeed.

But we are abundant to provide our service through a trusted way that our users willing.

Data Retention & Deletion

We retention collected data till we provide our complete feedback to the users.After we provides our service completely ,we remove all collected data from our database.

Cookies Data

We are not using any cookies data.

Children’s Privacy Protection Guidelines

We do not recommend this website or its activities for children who are under 18yrs.Therefore please do not let your child to use this website or any fuction alone.

If your child behave out of our recommendations, we are not taking any responsibility about the effects that might be happen.