iOS 15 Jailbreak With 3uTools.

3uTools is the best solution on iOS users to get rid from all Apple’s software restrictions.

This tool helps to manage all features of your iPhone or iPad.

So this is the ultimate guide to all iOS device users to overcome from their severe problems due to Apple software restrictions.

If you are still being with the old version of iOS,its time to upgrade to the iOS 15 latest firmware.

You can use 3uTools to upgrade your firmware to the iOS 15 too.

Please follow the instruction to do it right now.

Upgrade To The iOS 15

This is very simple and the fastest way that you can follow to upgrade your iOS device.

It doesn’t matter either iPhone/iPad.

Please open 3uTools on your Windows running PC.

If you are still not using this tool,please download it first and then launch it.

Then connect your iDevice to the computer using an USB cable.

Once you connected the device,your device all basic info will be displayed on this tool.

Then click the Toolbox tab at the top.

Then search on “Firmware”.

Click the tool and you will be directed to the all iOS firmware list which released so far.

Now click the green color download button on your willing firmware.

It will be begun to download.

If you want to delete the download or stop downloading,please click on the download icon which exist at the top right end of the Tool.

Then apply that you wanted output.

iOS 15 Jailbreak Using 3uTools

After you have done your upgrading please go back to the 3uTools and go to the Toolbox and Jailbreak.

Then click the Jailbreak and you will be displayed the your device firmware compatible jailbreak tool list.

This is working if there are bulk of jailbreak tools available.

If so not the available jailbreak tool will be begun to downloading on your connected device when you click.

After completed the downloading,please disconnect your device from the PC and go back to your device homescreen and launch the downloaded tool.

Then hit the Jailbreak button.

After several rebooting done you can use Cydia indeed.

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